Clip Theft is a serious Issue in the vidding world!

The big problem is most people are unaware of the seriousness of clip theft or have no clue what clip theft is. We have got to get word out or our numbers of clip theft reports are just going to keep rising.

I'm making this post for several reasons. First to try and inform all of you of the growing seriousness of the situaton. Secondly, to ask for your help. Whenever you visit a vidding forum or a livejournal vidding board or any place that post fan videos take a second to try and inform there members of what clip theft is. You can direct them to  this site : . Help us inform the vidding community of this growing epidemic in the vidding world. Look out for your fellow vidders if you see any thing that could be clip theft on youtube notify the NOCLIPTHEFT LJ Community: credit: