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"Lucas and Peyton "A Dream Come True"; 
Ok, this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands. haha! I had this idea since leyton is engaged now. Its not great and the Brooke manip is horrible. I wasn't going to post it but my friend convinced me too.

Lucas & Peyton - Feel This:
LP Feel this. I thought the lyrics fit perfectly after last night's episode (:    

Lucas & Peyton: So Are You to Me:
Short LP Video with my favorite scenes and quotes.

Lucas and Peyton- Heaven: Lucas and Peyton are in heaven. 

Lucas & Peyton: The Greatest Story Ever Told :Their story is the greatest ever told. Lucas & Peyton.

Lucas & Peyton (Always Be my baby) : No matter what happens between Lucas & Peyton or if they are together or not. Peyton will always be Lucas' baby! Minor Glitch: I don't know why the end freezes. I'll try to fix it and reupload later.

Lucas & Peyton (I Still Love You) : Lucas and Peyton Still Love Eachother.

Lucas & Peyton (Running Away) : Lucas is Running Away from his feelings for Peyton.

Lucas & Peyton (Everything Changes) : LP Season 5 Video

(One Goodbye) Lucas & Peyton : I've been working on this video since 5x05. I probably have started over a million times over the last few months. The song in so beautiful. I finished yesterday so there are scenes throughout the whole 5th season included. Even though the season didn't end as most of us would have liked, with LP together. I tried to show that there is still hope. don't give up! (: Please tell me what you think.

(How Can I Not Love You) Lucas & Peyton : How can Peyton Not Love Lucas?

(Simple Together) Lucas & Peyton : Peyton thought they would be simple together.

Lucas & Peyton (Ashes & Wine) : This is from Peyton's POV of everything that has happened between them in season 5. I was originally going to have it be form both their POV's but this is how it ended up. I might do a remake.

Lucas & Peyton ♥ (Fix You) : I'm not extremely pleased with how this video came out but I think I matched the clips with the lyrics pretty good.

 (Ours to Keep) Lucas & Peyton : How does circumstance Seem to cost us every chance At living out the truth in our hearts?

 LP ♥ Goodbye to You : This is dedicated to my friend and fellow LPer Stacie! I hope you love it. Its mostly from Peyton's POV. Is anyone else really anoyed with Lucas? :(

  Lucas & Peyton ♥ Almost Lover:  Are LP Almost Lovers?

Gravity - Lucas & Peyton : A New LP video to beautiful Song Gravity. It goes really well with whats happening between them in season 5.

Lucas & Peyton - Broken : True Love Always. "People who are meant to be together always find their way in the end"

 Lucas & Peyton - Where I Stood: They don't know how to live with out eachother. Lucas and Peyton video. 5x05 inspired me to make this. Lindsey is now standing where Peyton stood.