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September 25th 2008

I am now affiliates with Creative Christy. Check out her website. the Link is on the  Affiliates page.

I am also a fanart maker so from time to time I might post a few things.   Feel free to take whatever you want but please give credit.

September 24th 2008

Today I finished the Leyton page. I think the Links are still a litlle iffy. I'll fix that (:

September 22nd, 2008

Welcome to Stop and Stare Productions. I chose that name because I am in love with the song. Anywho, I will be posting all my music videos that I make on this website for you to browse. All I ask is that you do not take them and claim them as your own. This is called clip theft. Please see the Clip Theft Page for more details. I have been stolen from before and it is not fun. There is still a lot of work that will go into this site.